The ultimate in luxury
from the pinnacle of Japanese restaurants

Koraibashi Kitcho

The Koraibashi Kitcho flagship restaurant in Osaka offers the ultimate in traditional Japanese dining. Here you’ll enjoy kaiseki (traditional Japanese multi-course meals) served with the utmost care and hospitality. With openings each day for only two parties for lunch and one party for dinner, this rare and luxurious dining experience is available only by reservation and only to a select few.

By advance reservation only

The Ultimate in Japanese Service
  • Kaiseki
  • Nihon buyo
  • Tea ceremony
  • Language interpretation
  • Commemorative photos

About Kitcho

Known as one of the most luxurious restaurants in Japan, Kitcho is the pinnacle of Japanese restaurants.
Only at Kitcho can guests experience such genuine Japanese hospitality.
It was at Kitcho that founder Teiichi Yuki established the so-called kaiseki art, greatly altering Japanese cooking. He did this by incorporating into kaiseki the wabi and sabi that form the spirit of the Japanese tea ceremony as well as the abundant nature and four beautiful seasons of Japan.
The Koraibashi Kitcho flagship restaurant embodies the spirit and traditions of its founder.
Please savor the ultimate kaiseki meal in an inviting Japanese setting.

About Kaiseki Cuisine

Kaiseki cuisine has its origins in the food that was served to guests at tea ceremonies. It subsequently evolved into an elaborate dining style for special social gatherings. Teiichi Yuki, the founder of Koraibashi Kitcho, loved the tea ceremony. He felt that kaiseki—which encompasses the Zen state of mind and the thoughtful hospitality of the tea ceremony—would be ideal for Kitcho. When preparing kaiseki cuisine, one considers not only the season and the freshness of the ingredients, but also the trays and dishes used. The goal is to present the meal in an artistic and elegant manner.

Koraibashi Kitcho

2-6-7 Koraibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0043, Japan

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